What are the best fraps settings to record cod 4?

Answer Fraps is a resource hog. best to set it at 30fps and full size. Full size will record in the same res as you have it set. Better quality. half size will record in half the rez to what you got it se... Read More »

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Bandicam or fraps what is better to record mc lotro lol bfp4f?

Bandicam it puts less stress on your hardware than fraps so you will get better gaming experience with higher fps than if you were using fraps

How to record in HD fraps?

In order torecord in HD your monitor and GPU have to have an HD resolution (usually 1920x1080 or higher). If your monitor does not reach that high in res, you will only get about 480 or 720p at the... Read More »

Can fraps record msn audio?

How to Make Fraps Record Longer?

By removing its 30-second time limit, you will be able to use Fraps to record videos of any length. Fraps is a program from Beepa Pty Ltd that allows you to record the action on your screen while p... Read More »