What are the best routers?

Answer Typically if you setup a unique SSID for your router you shouldn't get too much interference. Even though the signals have the same frequency the routers and your devices will be isolated from the... Read More »

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I need help with routers?

BT will hopefully provide their 'Business Hub' routers for the connections.To accomodate more PCs and devices, get an eight (or preferably sixteen) port Gigabit ethernet switch.Connect all the PCs ... Read More »

Wireless Routers?

She could use a wireless access point at an elevated place in the house. An access point is a dumb wireless repeater. You can often times configure a wireless router to function as an access poin... Read More »

How could I have two routers around my house?

With reference to your other answers, if you are in the UK you can not have two broadband providers at one address unless the building is mult occupational, ie flats each with a separate address.If... Read More »


Assuming that you've got a newer router, about the only thing you could do with the old ones is to use them as switches, to give you more wired ports.