What are the best routers?

Answer Typically if you setup a unique SSID for your router you shouldn't get too much interference. Even though the signals have the same frequency the routers and your devices will be isolated from the... Read More »

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What are MIMO Routers?

MIMO routers are the next big thing in wireless networking. They handily extend the range of Wi-Fi network base stations. As such, they are sure to be a hit with the Wi-Fi crowd for years to come. ... Read More »

What affects the range of wireless routers?

Distance, antenna design, what's between them (metal walls and wire-mesh windows block radio), the transmitted power level. WiFi is mostly line-of-sight, so it won't go around hills.the record is s... Read More »

Wireless routers - what does 54mbps mean?

mbps stands for megabits per seconddo not confuse bit with byte8 bit = 1 byte10mbps means that you can transfer data at a maximun rate of 10 megabit per second. However, usually broadband connectio... Read More »

What are some good wireless routers that can give out a speed of 70+ mb/s ?

Any router is compatible with your broadband connection.A router connects two separate networks and manage the traffic between them.In most home network applications the router connects your local ... Read More »