What are the differences between a wireless network adaptor, an access point and a router?

Answer A wireless adapter connects your computer to the network through wifi (like a little USB card or something similar)...a wireless access point is a device which will connect you to the network via w... Read More »

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How cxan i turn my second wireless router into an access point?

Assume your current router is, configure the second to be and keep it on the same /24 subnet ( Make sure the second router is configured to obtain a DHCP add... Read More »

How To Use a Belkin Wireless G Router As a Range Booster Access Point?

A wireless networking device such as the Belkin Wireless G router is primarily intended to be used as a central connection point for your home or office network. If you have enough devices to netwo... Read More »

How many pcs/laptops can connect wirelessly to a wireless router or access point?

It varies, and in theory, you could have hundreds on one network. Problem is, it would be slower than molasses and would not be worth the hassle by any means. Even if you're running a Gigabit N rou... Read More »

How to Connect a NetGear Wireless Access Point WG302V2 with a Router?

The NetGear WG302V wireless access point creates a second wireless network, in addition to the one created by your standard router, to which all computers and wireless devices within its area of co... Read More »