What are the key skills for a Administrator to work in company?

Answer Strong communication skills both verbal and written. Organized, punctual, well groomed and independent worker. Top notch computer skills

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What skills would a good administrator posess?

Have experience of general administrative duties, such as photocopying, filing and diary keeping.A typing Qualification (RSA ect.)Fully competant with Microsoft Office Packages (Word,Excel,Powerpoi... Read More »

I want to work as an administrator what is the best course to go on?

I'd try and get into a job first and then do your qualification - a junior admin post will only require good IT skills not necessarily a formal qualification. Failing that City and Guilds do a good... Read More »

I need some interview help - what skills and qualities will you bring to our company?

Tell them you are more than familiar with drugs. Tell them you have a long standing relationship with pharmacological drugs.Tell them your an avid user of these type of drugs and have lots of first... Read More »

Question for the florida government if I have bad credit should a company hire for a job that I have skills?

They might, they might not. And there might be a lot of other applicants who also have the skills for the job. Some places take credit into consideration, some don't - it's legal if they want to.