What are the legal ins and outs of using a neighbours unsecured wireless connection...?

Answer It's illegal. A bloke got done for it last year when a policeman watched him go along and sit on someone's garden wall with his laptop every evening for a week!

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When I switch on my laptop's wireless scan, it connect's to an unsecured free connection. Is this OK to use?

HI,First, it is ethically wrong to use someone else's internet connection as your neighbor might end up paying a fortune for you using their connection (if it is a volume based internet plan). Some... Read More »

I am connected to an unsecured wireless network. How can i surf the internet for free using this connection?

Use Windows Zero Config wireless connection manager in XP and choose/connect to the unsecured network.... and surf! Totally illegal too. Don't get caught.

Ive just picked up a neighbours wireless connection?

Hi your steeling their bandwidth, go and tell them, offer to pay a nominal sum towards the cost,

Can neighbours tap into your wireless internet connection?

You need to access your router set-up page, usually in your browser address line (where goes)You will need to set a password. Default settings are usually 'admin' for 'user... Read More »