What are the most recent developments in technology?

Answer Funny you should mention that. CES* 2013 just wrapped up, so if you read up on the exhibits they had on display you'll get a good grasp of the highest technology available. Personally, my favorites... Read More »

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Recent advance in support system technology?

Are you a recent graduate in Computer Science / Information Technology?

During Uni I'd get summer work experience at IT companies and when I graduated I wrote up my CV and applied to both large companies such as IBM and Logica CMG. In the end I found a job with a local... Read More »

Is it possible to heat up the surface of a stealth aircraft by exposing it to strong microwaves Also, I heard that local forces in the recent Balkans conflict used cellular phone technology to down the U.S. stealth aircraft. Is that possible - JG?

Stealth aircraft are designed to absorb most of the microwave radiation that hits them and to reflect whatever they don't absorb away from the microwave source. That way, any radar system that trie... Read More »

Has anyone else experienced a recent sales drop in computer software during this recent stock market turmoil?

Are you sure it's the stock market or just seasonal trends.August, Easter and xmas are when the customers (who are normal ppl just like anyone else) go on hols.