What are the security benefits of a hardware Firewall?

Answer Software is just that: 'soft'. It can be manipulated.If you (by requesting assets from outside sources) happen to permit malicious code into the OS, that code may have the ability to manipulate th... Read More »

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Which firewall is better than the other Norton Internet security firewall or windows firewall.?

personally i would stick with the windows firewall in sp2,i use this but you must remember it only scans incoming traffic,which can be a problem if you are sending data,ect to friends,as you will n... Read More »

Hardware Firewall Vs. Software Firewall?

Firewalls come in two basic types: hardware based and software based. Both types of firewalls are important and play a major role in the security of computers and networks. The firewall is the firs... Read More »

What Are the Different Types of Hardware Firewall?

A hardware firewall is a physical device that connects a computer or network to the Internet, employing certain advanced techniques to protect it from unauthorized access. Wired routers, broadband ... Read More »

Linux Firewall, Dansguardian and remote access hardware requirements?

I'd start off with a 64 bit installation of Centos, as that has support for at least five years for each version.I'd also go with a quad core AMD chip, as they are better value than Intel for any g... Read More »