What are you currently using....a laptop or desk top pc?

Answer i am currently using a MacBook laptop. i prefer macs over pc's because of software, easy use, and OSX.i perfer laptops because of portability :)

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What is the best laptop on the market currently in the UK and why?

Acer S7 ultrabook.Thinnest, most powerful and best screen and featured laptop available currently.

What are main differences between laptop and desk top pc?

The main difference is obviously size!Which one you should get depends on what you want to use it for.If you travel a lot you might want a laptop for mobility, but if you would use it mainly at hom... Read More »

In Offices, what is the role given to a person who delivers mail desk to desk?

??? that IS their role. Delivering mail desk to desk.Did you mean their TITLE?Mail delivery person.

I am currently looking to buy a new laptop, best out there?

Don't get a lap top Kazza get a desk top and put it in the conservatory but remember to get wireless. xxxx