What broaband company do u reccomend...?

Answer BT yahoo is pretty good, depending on how far you are from the exchange. I get 54mbps and I am about 3 miles from my exchange in a rural area.

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Can anyone reccomend a good car insurance company?

It all depends....If you have poor credit (b/c that is used in underwriting for insurance now) or a bad driving record.I used to work for progressive and they only go back 3yrs for your driving rec... Read More »

Can anyone reccomend a good company that hires live aboard boats in the Norfolk broads?

I have no knowledge of anyone who hires out "Houseboats" on a long lease basis. I suspect that there may not be any as the few moorings available for live-aboards are at a premium for owners.For ta... Read More »

Anyone know about this company Eurofx in UK, is this company reliable to trade, how to make a company seach?

For investment matters in the UK, go directly to the FSA (Financial Services Authority) site. There you would learn that Eurofx is "not authorised to carry on regulated activity in the UK"Obvious ... Read More »

Anyone used can u reccomend it.?

yes, I used them quite recently, they are one of the cheapest of these type of companies and respond very quickly.