What broaband company do u reccomend...?

Answer BT yahoo is pretty good, depending on how far you are from the exchange. I get 54mbps and I am about 3 miles from my exchange in a rural area.

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Can anyone reccomend a good car insurance company?

It all depends....If you have poor credit (b/c that is used in underwriting for insurance now) or a bad driving record.I used to work for progressive and they only go back 3yrs for your driving rec... Read More »

Can anyone reccomend a good company that hires live aboard boats in the Norfolk broads?

I have no knowledge of anyone who hires out "Houseboats" on a long lease basis. I suspect that there may not be any as the few moorings available for live-aboards are at a premium for owners.For ta... Read More »

I am going to build my own gaming PC. What components do you reccomend?

630 dollars will not get you anything....spend a least 750 dollars....i5 3570amd 7850 2 gb8 gb corsair ram600 watt psu

I'm looking to buy a very high spec computer, money no object, what would you reccomend?

If you like Linux, you will LOVE the Mac... the new OS X is 100% POSIX compliant. Thus, you can run almost any UNIX program on a Mac including Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.Additionally, the Mac Pro off... Read More »