What can I do about spam on Facebook?

Answer ignore it and if its annoying u apolgize to your friends

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We all hate spam , what rhymes with spam?

The ULTIMATE Facebook spam?

Haha make a fake account with fake email fake username add random people so it looks like a real account) then add your friends like all their photos comment on everything but do it late at night s... Read More »

Is there a way to a script or something to automatically spam someones newsfeed on facebook?

Hey!No, there isn't any way to do that also you could get in a lot of trouble if the person doesn't like your spam and reports you.Have fun using Facebook!╰♦╮ ÐÄŘĶǸÃÂ... Read More »

Why does Facebook accuse everyone of spam for sending friend requests?

Maybe you have added alot of people before that have ignored your request or marked u as a stranger?Or maybe you was sending out invites to many people at once?The only time I ever gotten a warning... Read More »