What can cause an IP address to show as on when computer is totally off?

Answer It's probably a problem with the Yahoo network not realizing you're offline yet. If he sends a message, he'd see it wouldn't go through. If you use a broadband router or wireless modem, your IP c... Read More »

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How can i show my address bar when its locked?

talk to your system administrator they the only ones who can do that

Can i format the micro sd card if when i put it into the adapter, it doesn't show up under my computer?

There is no, system folder on the SD card.Open "Run" type in "diskmgmt.msc", this opens the disk manager. Find the drive, right-click on the drive, scroll to Change Drive Letters and Paths, you can... Read More »

My old computer is totally dead. What is the safest thing to (re disposal)?

Borrow an appropriate Cross-head screwdriver, remove the HDD, disassemble it by taking off the top plate (usually 4 screws or so) and then destroy the platters completely with a hammer.Then take th... Read More »

What is an IP address my pc says "invalid IP address" when i try toconnect wirelessly to other pc?