What can i do with an old PC..?

Answer you can never be too careful when you discard a computer,first make sure that you have copied all the files and folders that you might need on to a "Flash Drive / Memory Stick" in case you might n... Read More »

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What is a vacuum Is it filled with charges with no mass — AW, Karachi, Pakistan?

In principle, a vacuum is a region of space containing no real particles (no atoms, molecules, electrons, or other subatomic particles). Because the universe is filled with particles that pass easi... Read More »

Is it ok to topup my antifreeze with Blue.when it is filled with Red.what is the difference!?

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Everyone seems to have a problem with Norton, what is so wrong with it?

Norton slows your computer down. Mcaffe is no better.I use to use Norton and it detected a virus, but would not delete it! I had to use Adaware 2007 to get rid of it and that is FREE. HELLO. You ar... Read More »