What career can i get into when I finish off my Computer Science degree at uni?

Answer What is your minor in?Computers are everywhere. Also AI and Robotics. Everything from mining to medical, from politics to police work, from farming to fire departments. The Computer Science field i... Read More »

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I think i'll get a 2:2 degree or a third, in computer science, and my career?

Go to and apply for some graduate positions in your chosen fields. The first step is getting an interview which just having your degree will help (regardless of the g... Read More »

What career opportunities do I have with a master's degree in Computer Science?

Hey there,Actually, you'll have the exact opportunities as if you had a BA. Consider getting a BA in Comp Sci and a masters in marketing - that's a good combo and there are tons of high paying cons... Read More »

What is a typical career path and salary for someone with a Computer Science degree?

in London (don't know about the rest of the Uk, I assume London salares a re a bit higher than in the rest of the kingdom due to the higher cost of living), with a decent degree and the kind of exp... Read More »

Finish the degree I'm not enjoying or pursue a career in tattooing?

after reading, it's clear you need to drop uni.Your interest is there but your passion is not....more low grades will keep you from finishing the degree in the standard time. Why not instead use t... Read More »