What causes computers to slow down over the years?

Answer If your talking why does your computer slow up after you have it for a few years, It's alot of junk that is collected and changed as the years go on. There are all kinds of expensive programs avail... Read More »

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Why do computers slow down over time!?

Would having 2 computers connected wireless to a router slow down the other computers connection and speed?

We did the same thing you are doing! I have a computer in my room with a wireless card on my computer. My parents have the wireless router in their room. The only reason the internet would be slow ... Read More »

What computers last for 4 years with out slowing down or getting bad?

Assuming that you're doing routine system maintenance & your system isn't infected w/viruses or adware/malware, no system slows down as it ages. More on maintenance in a minute.What DOES happen is... Read More »

Does two computers sharing one wireless router slow down the other?

yes it can as each are competing with each other for bandwidth.