What causes my computer to turn off by itself?

Answer Is it a Toshiba Laptop?They are known for shutting themselves down, The processor overheats then a thermal cut out , cuts in and off it goes it wont turn back on until cooled sufficiently, you coul... Read More »

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Does it matter how I turn off electronic devices I have installed a power surge strip and it's easiest for me to simply turn off that strip. Is it better for the devices to turn them off individually first For the computer itself, I perform the shutd?

As long you shutdown the computer first, turning off the power strip is fine. Essentially all modern household computer devices are designed to shut themselves down gracefully when they lose electr... Read More »

Why does my computer turn itself on?

If this happens after a fresh install, it is very likely that your computer is either receiving power surges from the outlet, or the power supply on the computer is failing. It is also possible tha... Read More »

My computer shuts itself off and won't turn back on for atleast half and hour. What is wrong with it?

Sounds like a fan is not working and the thermal inhibitor is kicking in. The processer will be overheating.

Computer turns itself off when I turn it on,,?

The only time I had that problem was with an un-orthadox virus - one where even Google had no information, and it took a good programmer neighbor several hours to cure! Many shops do not go this fa... Read More »