What chatrooms can i meet new people?

Answer loads of chat rooms for different age groups that are monitored

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In the late 1990's internet chatrooms were very popular for people to network over the internet.?

They were shut down by the ISPs and various companies [like MS] because after a few high profile paedophile rings, chat room groomers, stalkers ended up in court. As it all involved children and mi... Read More »

How to meet international people on Myspace?

Find profiles you like, and e-mail the person saying something that you have in common. After a few e-mail exchanges send out a friend request. I used to have a myspace account and I always hated... Read More »

How to safely meet people on the internet?

My list for meeting internet friends.1: Always be armed, the 2nd amendment allows for defense.2: Call them at set intervals, and talk to them.3: Try to meet in a place where you have access to a ph... Read More »

Where can you meet interesting people in London?