What code are bebo, facebook and myspace written in?

Answer HTML ??? YOU joking ?myspace = coldfusion pagesfacebook = php pagesbebo = javaserver pagesYou can learn PHP for free at

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MySpace, Facebook or Bebo?

I have both Myspace & Facebook...I tend to feel exposed when it comes to FB. They announce your every more to your entire friends list. Also, I have heard about them revealing web surfing & web p... Read More »

Facebook , myspace or bebo?

BEBO!The best & easiest to use. No codes :)

Which is better, facebook, bebo, or myspace?

Bebo , Facebook Or myspace which ones better ?

I have them all. I don't really like myspace. At the moment i like Facebook best - it's easier to find people and everything comes up on the home page but i like bebo better in some ways because yo... Read More »