What code are bebo, facebook and myspace written in?

Answer HTML ??? YOU joking ?myspace = coldfusion pagesfacebook = php pagesbebo = javaserver pagesYou can learn PHP for free at

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What is better.. Facebook..MySpace or Bebo?

I like bebo most. But it really depends where you are in this world (different people in different parts of the world uses different social network) and in which network most of your friends signe... Read More »

What is your choice facebook myspace or bebo?

I've never tried bebo.I use Facebook & Myspace.Been with Myspace the longest and still quite new to facebook but tending to spend longer on facebook now as Myspace can be so damn slow in comparison... Read More »

POLL: What do you prefer: Facebook, Bebo or Myspace?

facebook all the way. it's sooo awesome! i dont like myspace after i see all these bad things about like the girl that killed herself. bebo......nahh! facebook is a yes!

I love Myspace but Bebo and Facebook are both boring..what else is out there?

A fairly new one I am really loving right now is Yuniti ( ). In my experience it is the best out there - easiest to use, safest, best features, and really pretty.This is my page: ... Read More »