What colour is your computer?

Answer It is exactly the color of the snake that was on top of it a year ago and I almost put my hand right on him when I reached up to get a CD. Yep....gray....we got em but not before I nearly had a hea... Read More »

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The colour on my computer monitor has changed, how do i get it back to the original colour?

In the monitor menu, each colour should be set to 100.If you have lost one colour, and everything has gone, for example, very cyan or magenta all of a sudden, then you should try unplugging your mo... Read More »

BEST COMBINATION OF FEATURES, ie eye colour, hair colour and skin colour?

Pale skin to coloured skinfair hair to dark hairblue eyes to black eyesskinny to curvyIts all bloody beautiful.

My computer keep flivking the colour red on and off anyone know what the problem is?

Why does my computer screen keep going a funny colour?

it sounds as if the screen needs to be degaussed, some monitors have this function built in and work when you press the "ON" switch, some don't.if not then there should be a button on the monitor s... Read More »