What colour is your computer?

Answer It is exactly the color of the snake that was on top of it a year ago and I almost put my hand right on him when I reached up to get a CD. Yep....gray....we got em but not before I nearly had a hea... Read More »

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What colour is your hair & is it your natural colour?

Dark brown naturally and in the summer it gets natural blonde and alburn highlights...but I actually started going and gettin highlights in my hair all the time now since I liked what it looks like... Read More »

Ladies - does your fingernail colour match your toenail colour today?

My toenails are also bright pink and my fingernails have clear on them :))!

What colour is your car and why did you choose that colour?

White just saw the car parked outside the school when we pick or kids up and both me and the wife said at the same time, we want that car,strangely we now have it.(legally that is)http://www.youtub... Read More »

Without thinking i bet you can say what colour your bra is but how many know what colour?

Thats a trick question, I'm not wearing any!