What compatible DVD drives are there that the same colour as the white bitfenix prodigy?

Answer Done. DVDs are outdated. Invest your money elsewhere.

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What are the relative efficiencies and reasons for power losses in sprocket and chain drives, rubber cogged belt drives, pulley drives, and gear drives — RA, Montreal, Quebec?

The only power loss mechanisms I can think of in each case are sliding friction and vibration. The drive system most likely to experience substantial sliding friction is a pulley (or smooth belt) d... Read More »

Can i cover up an existing tattoo with white colour or a colour closest to my skin tone?

Lighter ink cannot be applied over dark ink. It just doesn't work.

I`ve white smoke coming from the exhaust of my citroen picasso 1.8. drives fine, is there a problem?

It wants a new Pope!!!hehehahahaI'm not madHonest

How to colour white emulsion?

Adding a tint to white emulsion subtly changes the look of plain white walls and the feel of a room. Greens, lilacs and blues add a cool feel while yellows, reds or oranges add a warm feel. Paint m... Read More »