What date does Facebook force us all to have timeline?

Answer no one knows the exact date, but yes, eventually everyone will be forced to use it

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On the new facebook timeline how do I see all the past links I have shared?

Its been removed..FB have made changes to FB & looks like its not workin 100% for many ppl...Only one way too see links ect is to press on Activity log & there is shows u everything...even things u... Read More »

I have updated my relationship status on Facebook and its showing on my timeline but not on the newsfeed?

Check the settings - you might have set it to private or just for you. Set it again and refresh the page this will probably help :)

How can i change back from facebook timeline to a normal facebook page?

there is no way to remove it - everyone is being converted to the timeline - it's the new look for facebook, not an optional updatethis guide will help you learn how to use it Read More »

What effects do forces acting on an object which are not from the same pair have on one another i.e. the force pulling the egg downward and the potential force of the table Are they equal upon impact and there a pair?

Different forces acting on a single object are not official pairs; not the pairs associated with Newton's third law of action-reaction. While it is possible for an object to experience two differen... Read More »