What did chavs do before Facebook?

Answer Smoke, drink, get pregnantBully Cher LloydAnd on the internet, My Space :)

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Are mopeds/scooters for chavs?

My goodness what tosh some people talk - the Vespa, Lambretta etc does not belong to the mods and skin heads, they were in exisitence way before that and were developed as cheap, stylish transport ... Read More »

20k to spend, what car shall I get New or old Needs to be classy, and not a 2 seater. Chavs need not answer?

Get yourself a BMW M5,about 3 year old with 50k on the clock for that sort of money.Theres not that many around and they are quite understated with all the luxury of a big car but with 400bhp under... Read More »

How do I find out what letting agency is leasing to these chavs?

the contract is with the landlord, not the agency; the land registry won't help as that will just show the ownership, and you probably can't see it anyway. So once you've found the agent, it is the... Read More »

Chavs: Why do you tuck your track suit bottoms into your socks?

Btw, I'm not a chav but I have a feeling they can only afford one tracksuit in their lifetime so it's actually too small for them but they think tucking it into their socks actually gives the illus... Read More »