What did chavs do before Facebook?

Answer Smoke, drink, get pregnantBully Cher LloydAnd on the internet, My Space :)

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How do I find out what letting agency is leasing to these chavs?

the contract is with the landlord, not the agency; the land registry won't help as that will just show the ownership, and you probably can't see it anyway. So once you've found the agent, it is the... Read More »

20k to spend, what car shall I get New or old Needs to be classy, and not a 2 seater. Chavs need not answer?

Get yourself a BMW M5,about 3 year old with 50k on the clock for that sort of money.Theres not that many around and they are quite understated with all the luxury of a big car but with 400bhp under... Read More »

Are mopeds/scooters for chavs?

My goodness what tosh some people talk - the Vespa, Lambretta etc does not belong to the mods and skin heads, they were in exisitence way before that and were developed as cheap, stylish transport ... Read More »

I wrote a mess. in facebook and wanted to read it before i sent it so pressed done and then archive what ha?

Please simplify your question, it's quite hard to understand your language,,