What did u do be for u had internet ?

Answer well before pc we watched a lot of tv and went to bed earlier, possibly there was more children being born too hehe. It's the same with the mobile phone how did we ever live without them x

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I would like to know if Internet providers can find out what you connect to the Internet and how. Please reply?

Yes, they can. They can tell what is connected by looking at the individual MAC Address of the device. By using the MAC address they know what the device is as the MAC is unique to each device, it ... Read More »

What is better to use with AOL internet Internet Explorer or Firefox?

it depends on your personal needs; if you want to expand your browser features choose Firefox; if you have an AOL account choose AOL Explorer to have more features related to your account (btw. AOL... Read More »

Is there any earning through internet in which i can earn while surfing internet?

mypoints.comyou earn points by opening your email and then can redeem gift certificates

My internet explorer and msn cant connect to the internet but firefox and flock work how can i fix it vist?

If you're running a proxy, make sure they're set up to receive a connection through > tools > options > internet settings.Alternatively, make sure they've both been granted access to the internet o... Read More »