What do I need for wirelss to work?

Answer Yes this will replace your broken laptop wi-fi

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Wirelss internet problems?

If it says connected and an excellent signal, then it must be a configuration problem within your systems. Yet you said this was also happening with your pc as well. But its worth examing all your ... Read More »

I need to earn some money on a regular basis but need to work from home what can i do?

OK, you still have some options!How about taking in ironing / washing? Seems old fashioned but there are lots of busy people out there who are willing to spend cash to have someone else do their wa... Read More »

I need to bunk off work later but I need a good original excuse, any ideas?

An emergency trip to the dentist because you have a toothache.I doubt anyone will ask to look in your mouth when you return to work ; )

Out of work,i need to buy or start a business but which onereally need some opinions?

I would say why don't you try a franchise? Or the way I stared in business was by importing crap from China. You can start with five grand and double your money with clever planning (basically, jus... Read More »