What do I need for wirelss to work?

Answer Yes this will replace your broken laptop wi-fi

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Wirelss internet problems?

If it says connected and an excellent signal, then it must be a configuration problem within your systems. Yet you said this was also happening with your pc as well. But its worth examing all your ... Read More »

I'm grateful for your work and the availability of your site. Though I think that your ignorant condemnation of the work of other professionals about whose work you know absolutely nothing is contemptuous. Once again the arrogance of the established ?

This comment, which responds to a previous posting on this site, points out one of the most important differences between physical science and pseudo-science: the fact that pseudo-science isn't tro... Read More »

Can I work in my second job if the doctor signed me off work for work stress related issues in my first job?

No you shouldn't work any other jobs, technically your off work with a sick note so doctors/employers would query why it is your sick for one job yet not the other. Your company could find doubtabl... Read More »

I booked time of work 1 month ago and a week before my day off my work says i have to work.?

Restaurants are busy in December.Most don't allow holidays to be taken until after New Years.It's unfair that they won't work this out for you.It's a decision only you can make, how much do you nee... Read More »