What do I need to do so that my neighbours can't see my wifi/computer name?

Answer It is impossible to hide your network name completely. You can make it difficult for people to see it by setting your router not to broadcast the network name (SSID). Some routers configure not to ... Read More »

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She could try scattering this along the fence just at her side...........http://www.pesthelp.c...eshop/Cats___Dogs.asp Open the back and front door when it gets into the garden and let it go walkl... Read More »


SOG-----I think you have done all you can by keeping your neighbour informed of what is going to happen. If she chooses not to move her car then that is up to her.I would not personally think about... Read More »

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Sympathy is all I can offer; 4 years is too long to suffer, I can't see how any agency is going to keep six kids quiet if the parents can't. You may have to consider moving away. I have the same pr... Read More »