What do I need to record my Electric drum kit into my computer?

Answer…says you need a Yamaha UX16 USB-MIDI Interface to connect your DTX500 to your computer. Probably also need a MIDI cable. Read More »

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A DIY Electric Drum Rack?

The electronic drum kit, a portable and popular alternative to full acoustic drum kits, consists of a drum sound engine (drum brain), a series of triggers which tell the drum brain what to play and... Read More »

How to Build an Electric Drum Set?

Fans of disco and electro music will be familiar with the sound of electronic drums. An electronic drum kit functions in a similar fashion to a microphone. When you hit an electronic drum pad, a pi... Read More »

How much fps shall i record withIs my computer good enough to record?

The CPU is fine , RAM is fine. What kind of video card does the computer have? It could have the crappy Intel on-die GPU, which probably would suck for what you're trying to do. The Geforce GT 53... Read More »

Can i connect my dvd player/writer to computer via usb cable and record and copy files from my computer?

i dont think that is possible. you could get a external one or internal writer there real cheap under £30!