What do I need to record my Electric drum kit into my computer?

Answer…says you need a Yamaha UX16 USB-MIDI Interface to connect your DTX500 to your computer. Probably also need a MIDI cable. Read More »

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What Do I Need to Record a VHS Tape to My Computer?

VHS tapes are an analogue-based video format, which means they can degrade in quality over time or with repeated playback. Digital video formats do not degrade in this way. Converting VHS to a digi... Read More »

When i try to record my voice on my computer it goes into weird digital noise.?

Your microphone might be damaged...!Replace or Repair...

Is there any way to record sounds coming out of my sound card, Rather than using microphone into the computer?

Try Streamosaur. It's a free programme that records everything that comes through your speakers. (It is designed to record streaming sounds from the internet, but it works on any sound that comes... Read More »

How much fps shall i record withIs my computer good enough to record?

The CPU is fine , RAM is fine. What kind of video card does the computer have? It could have the crappy Intel on-die GPU, which probably would suck for what you're trying to do. The Geforce GT 53... Read More »