What do big organisation networks contain?

Answer Routers , Switches, Servers (which come in hundreds of flavors) are the mainstay.Others are dedicated boxes for security like firewalls/monitoring. Maybe IP telephony - very popular now.Storage Are... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Voluntary Organisation?

In order to set a voluntary organisation you need to first gather a group of supporters and decide on the cause, you want to work for. Likewise, you will need to work out the following details: How... Read More »

What is a non profit organisation?

At its most simplest, its an organisation that exists to do something other than make a profit. We very often think of this term as meaning just charities, but in its widest sense it can cover anyt... Read More »

Which is the best BREAKDOWN organisation and why?

RAC, if u breakdown and ur on a long trip the RAC will take u on ur way to ur destination in one hit, where the AA's relay is a nightmare u go on and off trucks, took me 2 days from M8 to Essex.

Helpdesk within an organisation?

We have one at my job, and it's good because whenever you have a technical issue (hardware, software, intra / internet, etc.), you call the phone number, and someone is there to help you. They are... Read More »