What do i need to do to use my desktop's broadband connection, on my laptop?

Answer The best option would be for you to just get a wireless router and connect your internet to that, then run a cable from the router to your desktop, and have your laptop connect to it wirelessly. Th... Read More »

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I can use my neighbours wireless broadband on my laptop-can they tell i amm using their connection?

the 1st answer needs to be sorted out a bit;if your neighbours are careless enough to leave their WL router / broadband moden accessible to everyone, they are unlikely to check the log; even so, if... Read More »

Can anyone tell me moe about the free laptop with mobile broadband connection?

Personally, I have one of these laptop deals and I have had it since September.I have had no problems at all with either the laptop or the mobile broadband (although I tend to plug my cable modem i... Read More »

I recently bought a laptop for work and also i have a home PC.I want to set up wireless broadband connection?

You'll want to get a wireless router that's at least 802.11G or faster. They now have super G and N standards that exceed the regular G standard, but G is still pretty fast. Any of the brand name... Read More »

How do i get wireless internet connection for a laptop if i have a normal wired broadband at home?

what you need to do is have a talk to your isp(internet service provider) and explain your set up at home and they should be able to recommend a wireless package aol are doing a wireless... Read More »