What do the letters Bcc and Cc mean when an option when sending emails?

Answer CC = Carbon Copy, Sends a "copy" of the email to all addresses listed here.BCC = Blind Carbon Copy, almost identical to above, BUT you cannot see all the other names listed under teh BCC section. ... Read More »

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How can I stop someone from using my email address when sending me emails?

It's important to remember that just because someone writes an email reporting to be from your email address, it does not mean they have access to your email account. With a little technical knowle... Read More »

What do car manufactures mean when they say for business users only when offering contracts?

Usually these types of contracts only make sense money wise when the user is in business and can reclaim some of the taxes like VAT for example

What do we mean when we say " The sights you see when you haven`t got your gun! "?

Seeing some eejit doing or saying something stupid.

I am receiving emails for my domain but have huge problems sending emails?

Permissions and Rights .. by default MS have 'send' and 'forward' disabled (because too many idiots were setting up their email servers with open 'forward' ports that gave the SPAM merchants a fiel... Read More »