What do these orange broadband settings mean?

Answer No it won't.Change it and your internet will cease to work.The reason being that ADSL and Fibre Optic are two totally different technologies.ADSL uses a phone line and telephone exchanges and Fibre... Read More »

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What settings would these computer specs be able to run at?

You don't need 16GB of RAM for gaming.. 8GB is more than sufficient. You also don't need a 700W PSU.. 600W or even 550W would be enough. Although the AMD FX-8350 sounds good on paper, it has pretty... Read More »

What Do Washing Machine Settings Mean?

In the past few years, washing machine technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and current models are stylish and sophisticated machines that are as complex -- and complicated -- as luxury car... Read More »

What does "broadband" mean?

In communications technology, the ability to send many signals over a single cable or other such communication medium. Broadband technology allows enormous amounts of data, such as that for movie v... Read More »

What Does Concentrated Orange Juice Mean?

The Concentrated Orange Juice indicates that Orange juice which has been frozen and concentrated. From the concentrate, they actually remove water.