What do these sites host off?

Answer Sell some stuff

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Can I host 2 sites independently on Host Gator?

Well, I suppose you know that if you get the Baby plan, then you can host unlimited sites on the same host. But probably you don't want to do this since you want a separate IP address.With Hostgato... Read More »

How to Host Multiple WordPress Sites with One GoDaddy Account?

You do not need multiple web hosting accounts on GoDaddy in order to host more than one WordPress blog. As long as you have enough domain names to support the number of blogs you want to run, you c... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a good web host where I can host multiple domains at a goo price?

I am in the UK and use http://www.multipleipwebhosting.esuperfi… which are in the USA but offer 15 different ip addresses and no UK company does that.If you are looking at having multiple domains... Read More »

Can someone suggest some good job searching sites specifically sites which have jobs in sales and marketing?

The question is best answered if we know where you are based as Job sites tend to be country specific.I myself have used many UK job sites in the past, some good and some really bad. A site I used ... Read More »