What do you call the cable that connects the computer to the internet?

Answer ethernet cable or RJ-45 i think

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What's that blue wifi cable called, it connects computers and games consoles to the Internet?

It sounds like an ETHERNET cable to me also.

What is the name of the card that goes in the back of the computer that the yellow internet cable goes into?

Just out of interest. It is an Ethernet PCI card, but if you don't want to open up your case you can use a USB adaptor which converts USB to Ethernet connection. The purists may frown, but they wor... Read More »

Is it a risk that my vista OS laptop connects to the internet before I logon?

Yes there is always a risk that you will get infected with a virus at startup. But this won't be the case if you don't already have a virus in your system. Your pc connects to a router. The router ... Read More »

Why has the positive cable melted at the point it connects to the amp recently?

well, its amazing that you're wire hasn't caught on fire within the last 2 years! I'm sure the amp is not actually 5000W rms, its probably rated at max power (always rate by rms) but a real 5000W a... Read More »