What do you call this kinda picture in slang language ?

Answer Hey!I don't think this kind of picture has any sort of slang name for it. You can try looking it up on Google as I did but most probably you will come out with nothing as well.Good luck!╰♦╮ Ã... Read More »

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What does this slang or phrase mean?

dip is a form of chewing tobaccoPBR is Pabst blue ribbon, which is a brand of beerswigs means to take a drink.

What kinda of Jacket/Jumper is this?

Ski jacket. These were very popular in the 1930s and inspired both the WWII black Waffen-SS uniform, and the 1960s greaser's leather motorcycle jacket

When i turned my computer on this morning irs gone a kinda yellowy colour.Anyone know how i can sort this.Im?

Here are the possibilities:Shut off your computer. Make sure all your cables are tight. Your cable from the video card to the monitor, and the monitor power cable.Your video card (if not onboard vi... Read More »

How do i say this in good english not slang?

The intimacy they were having was the least of importance.