What do you do if you deleted the bin and want to get it back?

Answer If you have Vista, follow the instructions here…

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How do you get youtube back if its deleted?

If your you tube has been deleted simply try and turn the Internet of and then turn it back on again and it should be back again. Also you could get banned for a couple of hours but if it's really ... Read More »

Deleted my twitter app on I pad how do you get it back?

Either re-download it at the Apple App Store, or try syncing it with your computer if you had it recently backed up.

Someone deleted my bebo! is there any way i can get it back!?

Nope. :( You have to recreate it. Same thing happened to me. I just kept records of my info and links to my friends' profiles incase it happened again. Good luck!

My dad deleted msn, and said i could'nt have it back, should i redownload it?

hiyes i would..however you need to be careful O_odon't have it as a shortcut ¬¬just have it stored in my computer sopmewhere safe..i.e the recycle bin!! ^^♥«Salu2»♥♥¸.... Read More »