What do you think about flagging a Facebook comment for this reason?

Answer In my opinion, good reason. Terrorism is never funny.

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What do you think about people who block you on MSN for no reason?

Do you think this is rude about facebook?

I think its rude especially when you see them online. Screw them.

Is there a reason for this (Facebook)?

It's automatically sent, one of your friends probably clicked on it and let them access their account which it then sends crap to all the contacts listed, no harm i don't think.just delete it.i get... Read More »

Facebook: what do you think about the facebook site?

I Like it alot!!!!! Compared to other community sites its the best!!!! Atleast for me!!!!!N i believe it has the greatest no. of member!!!!Its interface is also quite cool n u can find almost ne bo... Read More »