What do you think of someone who doesn't have Facebook?

Answer People get shocked that some people don't have a Facebook account because it's really popular and they think EVERYONE has one. They dont really know anyone that doesn't so, that's probably why th... Read More »

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Can any 1 think of a funny name for my boat as it doesnt have 1 just now?

Can someone send files to my facebook contacts after i have deactivated my facebook account?

For the average person no this is not possible.But in the cyber world anything is possible because this environment is built on machine code.So the person wanting to do such a thing would need the ... Read More »

What exactly does someone have to do/be qualified in to get a job in the UK governments "Think Tank"?

The main qualifications to be in the governments "Think Tank" seem to be:1) The ability to live your life totally disconnected from society and whats going on in the world around you.2) The ability... Read More »

Have you ever seen someone that looks exactly like you What did you think when you saw him/her?

only when i walked past the mirror.. not much .. took the mirror down lv.