What do you think of someone who doesn't have Facebook?

Answer People get shocked that some people don't have a Facebook account because it's really popular and they think EVERYONE has one. They dont really know anyone that doesn't so, that's probably why th... Read More »

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Who has facebook and who doesnt?

I have and think its a great way to keep in touck with family and friends

Why doesnt my facebook show who i've become friends with?

Well as far as I know there should be a small rectangle on your wall/timeline just below and to the right of your profile picture. If not try going into account settings by clicking the cog on the ... Read More »

Facebook suddenly doesnt work on iPod touch?

I really don't know, but if anyone finds out, please let me know as I have same issue! Using iPod touch 2nd gen so can no longer use FB app (it requires higher s/w now) I had been using it via Safa... Read More »

How do i find a friend on facebook who has no mutual friends as me and doesnt live near me?

Type her email or phone number in the search bar.