What do you think of the new facebook ?

Answer thinks its crap. old facebook is so much easier to use. i had to change to mozilla firefox because explorer couldnt keep up with facebook

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Facebook: what do you think about the facebook site?

I Like it alot!!!!! Compared to other community sites its the best!!!! Atleast for me!!!!!N i believe it has the greatest no. of member!!!!Its interface is also quite cool n u can find almost ne bo... Read More »

What do you think of the new facebook (facebook lite)?

Hmm..sounds like an interesting challenge. Though I only seem to trust this site.I've heard so many horror stories about many others.Thanks!

Is everyone elses facebook being weird i think the fan check virus has killed facebook :(?

yes it is a virusdelete the app immediately and change your password afterwards!!

Im think im addicted to facebook, does anyone know how i can stop or decrease my hours going on facebook?

A couple ways that might work depending on the kind of person you are are:1. Take up a hobby. Join an Art class or a book club, or even start sewing or doing needlepoint.2. Join a team. If you are... Read More »