What do you think of this information?

Answer I never use facebook yet alone give out my confidential details.I would have thought the data protection act would have come into it, but maybe they know a way around it.Reminds me of Yahoo Answers... Read More »

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“What are the issues for Information Managers involved in the managing of electronic information resources”?

Cost and security would be two significant issues. Maybe do a google search to find out more detailed info.

If information is not encrypted when you visit a website, what sort of information can be seen by other people?

A "man in the middle" can see traffic to and from the web site. They could intercept user names and passwords so can get access to your accounts. Otherwise, they only see images/information that ap... Read More »

Job information and college course information?

depend what you can score on your SAT, because we don't know how smart you are. getting in Pharmacy is hard and easy depend on your school. and depend how many seats they have each semester to take... Read More »

More information on cat c?