What do you think of this information?

Answer I never use facebook yet alone give out my confidential details.I would have thought the data protection act would have come into it, but maybe they know a way around it.Reminds me of Yahoo Answers... Read More »

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Do you think this is a good advertisement design Alot of people said I'm a natural... What do you think?

Well, considering it's ebay and not Macy's....I look for price. The image doesn't mean that much to me, but if price wasn't an issue on an item, I would probably buy the messy desk skanky one.Why?B... Read More »

Is this a scam i dont think it is , what do you think?

scam! there is ntg freethey will ask ur credit card for the shipping only or maybe for 5$ they say after several weeks u will see they will try 2 cas out 50$ and then another 50$ and go on!

And while I'm on this topic on eating and drinking in Liverpool, what do you think of this?

Folk clubs and bores strumming guitars died out in the 1980s in Liverpool when the practitioners either died or went into old people's homes! It strikes me that you are the one who "is stuck in a ... Read More »

I cant believe this! First russel brand and jonathan ross and now this. What do you think?

It's a shame about Jonathon Ross, I'd start a petition if I could be bothered.