What do you think will replace CD's DVD's and all other disks in the future?

Answer Pure data, streaming via wireless connections to anything.We have the technology now, its just not spread.Meaning you're in your car. You wanna hear some Led Zep, you say Led Zepplin. Your car th... Read More »

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Do you think Gold price will go down in near future?

I doubt it....Everything else is going up....

Do you think the UK will join the Euro in the near future If so Im deeply worried Poundstretcher might close.?

I think it unlikely as there is still a considerable chance that it will partially collapse. I understand that pound stretcher does have contingency plans in place, however. They already have signs... Read More »

Albert Einstein said... I never think of the future-- it comes soon enough!....what do you think?

the future never comes ~tomorrow is the future ~in 24 hours it will be the now and 24 hours later ~the pastsome of Einsteins other quotes are more sarcastic or caustic in nature~Common sense is th... Read More »

Do you think multi level marketing can not be a good jobhow do you think is the future prospect of MLM?

A. Mercer, what you are describing is a pyramid scheme, and those are illegal. MLM's are companies that market a product(s), through a specific distribution channel. As long as there are buyers, yo... Read More »