What do you think will replace CD's DVD's and all other disks in the future?

Answer Pure data, streaming via wireless connections to anything.We have the technology now, its just not spread.Meaning you're in your car. You wanna hear some Led Zep, you say Led Zepplin. Your car th... Read More »

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Why can my computer write to Cd - RW but not to DVD-R disks DVD disks not recognised "insert disk" it says.?

Look on the template of the CD player--look specifically for the DVD symbol. If none can be found then you have a CD player not DVD player.To overwrite CD-RW you have open your CD burning applicati... Read More »

The brakes on my car are squeaking a horrible high pitch noise. do i need to replace brake pads or disks?

You can replace either disks or pads depending on which one you think is the Case but before you decide to replace you have to check the disks are they severely burnt or scorched such that they can... Read More »

Causes of Bulging Disks?

A bulging disc, also referred to as a ruptured or herniated disc, is a painful condition in which the outer part of the disc, called the capsule, separates from the nucleus, the inner part of the d... Read More »

What are Floppy Disks?

Floppy disks are small, removable, media storage devices. They record data onto a thin, circular magnetic film encased in a flat, square plastic jacket. This type of media is somewhat antiquated, h... Read More »