What does 10GB of internet mean?

Answer First answer: 10GB is the size of what can be "used" before you pay extra. Most videos on youtube are a couple of MB (there are 1000MB in 1GB). Most MP3s files are about 1MB per minute. If it's eno... Read More »

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Is a 10gb internet plan enough per month?

Hi,10GB is abit tight, you could easily get that on a dongle cheaper. I suggest you try and find a better offer, in the UK theres plans for 40GB for under £10.00 a month. The best thing you can do... Read More »

What does (8) mean on the Internet?

:) = smile:( = sad;) = winking:O = surprised:P = smile with tongue out (H) = hot smile :@ = angry smile:s = confused:$ = embarrassed :'( = crying:| = dissapointed8o| = baring teeth8-| = nerd+o( = sick

What does CPM mean in Internet advertising?

CPM stands for "cost per thousand impressions." Companies who want to run CPM adverts on other websites agree a price per 1,000 impressions. Every time somebody visits the web page on which the adv... Read More »

What does Sticky Mean in Regard to the Internet?

The word sticky can mean many different things from a gooey substance, such as gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, to a sticky situation. However, when it comes to the Internet there are two bas... Read More »