What does BL mean on twitter?

Answer This category is for Facebook not twitter, irrelevant question.

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What does 1/5 etc mean on twitter?

Well, it depends on the context, but usually, and especially between Directioners, it means to have one member of 1D to follow you. Yeah, lol. I wish I had that.

What does this mean '😱' on twitter?

if all you can see is the square it means that someones used an emoticon that your system doesn't understand (eg if you use an apple emoticon usually you can only see it on other apple products)

What does that symbol on twitter mean?

It is usually used for celebrities or high profile people such as David Cameron or Shakira, because a lot of people make fake accounts of theirs so the "cloud & tick" symbol confirms that if the pr... Read More »

What does it mean yo be added on a list for summin on twitter!?

Could you please be a little more specific with your question. And use Spellcheck - it will make you sound more intelligent.