What does CAN stand for?

Answer A campus area network (CAN) is a computer network interconnecting a few local area networks (LANs) within a university campus or corporate campus. Campus area network may link a variety of campus b... Read More »

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What does the acrinym CACHE stand stand for please. computer terms.?

It's not an acronym. Cache is a place of storage. Usually on a computer it is a small amount of memory local to the CPU.

Do the initals of the insurance company AXA actually stand for anything If they do, what do they stand for?

AXA was a group of insurance companies, primarily in France and Canada, that was looking for a new Corporate Name. The name must be "short and snappy name that would convey its vitality." It also... Read More »

How to Convert a Mic Stand to a Music Stand?

Musicians need a variety of stands to hold equipment, music sheets and sometimes even instruments, to allow them to play live onstage and concentrate on their performance. Microphone stands are use... Read More »

What is stand-by trailer or stand-by trailer service rendered by carriers to shippers?

I guess it's the practice of leaving a trailer at a shipper's premises so they can load it in their own time. The carrier then collects the trailer on a daily or weekly basis, leaving a replacement... Read More »