What does Cc mean on an email?

Answer Carbon copy.It sends a duplicate to whatever address you put in there, and..BCC is blind carbon copy, meaning none of your other mail recipients will see the addresses you put in there ..

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What does to "CC" someone on an email mean?

I always thought CC was short for "See?..See?"....Any E-mails I recieve with that on it, I always put in my "OK..OK !!" folder..

In email jargon, what does 'lol' mean?

Sent an email and got this back, what does it mean?

Email address not valid. Try contacting them via their website or by phone, link is here and just go relevant part of their site for your enquiry.

What does a paper clip next to email mean [i am computor illerarate]?

A Paper Clip is a graphical way of telling you their is an attached filed in your email. If your creating the email then it's where you click to add files!!! Always be care full of these, if it's... Read More »