What does "Networking" mean on Facebook?

Answer Networking on Facebook is called as social networking.Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one's business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals. W... Read More »

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What does S.A.D F.L.A.B mean in networking?

I quote:"To protect data using physical security you should follow the 7 SAD-FLAB rules to stay safe with confidentiality and they are:1. Serial number2. Alarms3. Doors4. Fire protection5. Lock6. A... Read More »

What exactly does networking mean on Myspace?

People who have networking under the "I'm here for" area are those individuals who are interested in connecting with others to help each other achieve their personal goal usually in the same intere... Read More »

♥What does it mean when my computer says networking error♥?

It means that your DHCP server is misbehaving by allocating the same IP address to 2 different computers. The DHCP server is usually found in your broadband router. Switch off the router and switch... Read More »

My hp computer says its fitted with ,integrated 10/ioo baseT NETWORKING INTERFACE. DOES THAT MEAN ITS WIRELE?

its not wireless, the speed is 10mbps or 100mbps..