What does a yellow star on my internet access sign mean.?

Answer Of course it would have helped if you said what OS you are usingbecause they all use different ways to display an internet connection.The reason I say this, is I have never seen what your describin... Read More »

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Why does yellow mean yellow and not blue?

Yellow wanted to be called blue but was too afraid to argue, and blue was sad that yellow was so frightened.

What does the star at the side of a name in msn mean?

They have a msn space.Where you can write blogs, add photos and contact other members etc

What does this sign mean?

According tho the website of the driving instructor lined below, it means "STGO (Special Type General Order).( Special and general seem to be conflicting terms to me...)Category 2 means it can carr... Read More »

What does the parking sign mean (UK)?

You may have a 100% score on theory but I am afraid you have a pretty low common sense score."YOU CAN PARK THERE FOR ONE HOUR".What was it about that you did not understand."NO RETURN IN TWO" you c... Read More »