What does it mean if a guy doesn't accept your friend request on facebook?

Answer If he doesn't really know either of you very well, what it most likely means is that he looked at your profiles, your interests, how you use facebook, and liked her profile and didn't like yours.Th... Read More »

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Is it a good idea to accept a friend request on facebook from your mates ex who broke his heart?

probably not, that is if ur relationship with that person is restricted to them being ur mates' ex-. But if you two were friends in the first place then i think it's OK. you can always ask ur frien... Read More »

Should I Accept His Facebook Friend Request?

If you have no intrest then its a no brainer really (O_o)

What Does It Mean When Your Friend on Facebook Is Hidden?

Hiding a Facebook friend is a quiet way to ignore her posts. Unlike removing someone from your friend list, which she is likely to notice, a friend has no way to know she is hidden. Hiding stops so... Read More »

If you cancel a friend request on facebook does it show?

I think No Unless in these 10 minutes he checked his friend request