What does it mean on facebook when people say someone owns on a picture?

Answer It means that the picture is dedicated to someone specific. I know, its stupid, but it was even more ridiculous on MySpace a few years ago lol

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Why do many people take a picture of themselves in the mirror and post them on Facebook?

because its sweet.It was once called the "myspace pose"

How do i let people know i changed my profile picture on Facebook?

create an even and write id detail that you have change your profile . after that, send it out to your Friends as an invite to the even you just created.

how to find unknown people from facebook if you have a picture with they and know their first name?

Search for new contacts using the name/details you have?Town/area helps. @AlBagsi tried but there are so many peoples with this name and i only know the country Is this a wind up? How on earth are ... Read More »

Change facebook profile picture without people knowing?

You can't do that once you changed your profile picture. People will still see it!good luck!