What does it mean on facebook when people say someone owns on a picture?

Answer It means that the picture is dedicated to someone specific. I know, its stupid, but it was even more ridiculous on MySpace a few years ago lol

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What does xD mean on Facebook when someone says it to you?

XD is just another smilie like :) exept xD means happy and exited ... hope this helped you out :D xD

What does (a) mean when people put it on facebook?

(y) is a thumbs up on MSN and (a) on MSN creates an angel emoticon.

What does it mean when people Poke you on facebook?

It's just a friendly way of communicating on facebook. Less personal than a message or a post on your wall. It's quite a common way of saying "Hi." It is generally intended as being a friendly inte... Read More »

What does it mean if someone the same sex as you pokes you on facebook?

Don't worry! She was either just playing around, clicked it accidentally, or was trying to bother you. It doesn't mean anything sexual. I've personally never heard of guys poking you on FaceBook to... Read More »