â™¥What does it mean when my computer says networking error♥?

Answer It means that your DHCP server is misbehaving by allocating the same IP address to 2 different computers. The DHCP server is usually found in your broadband router. Switch off the router and switch... Read More »

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My hp computer says its fitted with ,integrated 10/ioo baseT NETWORKING INTERFACE. DOES THAT MEAN ITS WIRELE?

its not wireless, the speed is 10mbps or 100mbps..

My computer when im turning it on, says FAT32. What does that mean?

*fat 32 is your file system format its ok but ntfs is windows latest file format and the much safer one to CONVERTING FAT32 to NTFS go to this website it will show you Read More »

What on earth does run time error mean. My laptop often says we are closing down sorry run time error?

Your computer is probably more than a 1000 times more powerful and with a million times more memory than the onboard computer that went to the moon! not suprising that it does weird things. It prob... Read More »

What does it mean when a friend says...?

The phrase pretty much means that he or she thinks your being a bit of a Dick or your pissed at something