What does it mean when someone adds this at the end of their tweet "<"?

Answer It means anything is better/greater than that. Just like in math.< is negative> is bad.Ex: a) Stubbing your toe and breaking it< (Negative, and anything is better than it)b) Finding money you didn'... Read More »

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What does it mean when someone on youtube adds you as a contact?

its really pointless it does not mean anything they are just trying to get you to watch their videos.the new youtube is stupid

My agency adds holiday pay on to my weekly pay, so when i go on holidays does this mean i won't get paid at al?

You won't get paid at all.Agencies have two ways of paying:- Either your hourly / weekly rate is exclusive of holiday pay, so you accrue holiday pay which they will pay to you when you want to take... Read More »

What does it mean when someone puts "lol" in their answer?

What does it mean when someone tells you " you cannot freeze me out like this"?

Freeze me out means "ignore or shun." When you have done something to upset another person and that person refuses to talk to you, answer your calls, texts, etc, you want them to let you explain, ... Read More »