What does it mean when someone adds this at the end of their tweet "<"?

Answer It means anything is better/greater than that. Just like in math.< is negative> is bad.Ex: a) Stubbing your toe and breaking it< (Negative, and anything is better than it)b) Finding money you didn'... Read More »

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When you tweet on twitter, can everybody on twitter read and reply to your tweet ?

Yes, they can. Except if you protected your account in 'settings', or block some people whom you don't want them to see your tweets.Twitter is easier than facebook since you can change your usernam... Read More »

What do you do when someone who you don't know adds you on facebook?

If we don't have any friends in common then I usually send them a message asking why they chose to add me. If they don't send a response then I don't accept and if they do send a response it depen... Read More »

MSN - requests for adds. Help!?

hi►►►►there are two reasons for this -->it is either a scam(1)--> or your MSn addy is similar to someone else's(2).num.1 : they are people pretending to be robots/really important people to... Read More »


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