What does it mean when someone rates you a 8.9?

Answer wellll its probably a rating out of 10, so 8.9 would be pretty good :D

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What does it mean when you ask someone out and the say there not ready?

I'm afraid this isn't good news. It means "I'm not ready to have a relationship with you yet." Don't worry, still keep in touch, they probally just want to be friends. Everybody gets rejected at on... Read More »

When someone DMs me 'you do goals', what does that mean?

1)A sexual position where you put both legs behind your head2)To send a Direct Message on twitter.

What does xD mean on Facebook when someone says it to you?

XD is just another smilie like :) exept xD means happy and exited ... hope this helped you out :D xD

What does it mean when someone has the same IP adress as you?

Control Panel - 'click' Network & Internet - then 'click' view Network Status & Tasks - The 'click' Trouble Shoot Problems.You can also read more information using Help and Support on your PC.It ... Read More »