What does it mean when "virtual memory low"balloon pops up?

Answer You don't have enough Physical or Virtual memory, so it expands it.Fix it by getting another RAM card.It doesn't harm anything, but the performance of your computer is sacrificed during gameplay.

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What does "low on virtual memory mean" on my pc?

When you install Windows the system sets up your Virtual Memory to about 1½ times the size of your RAM. It also takes into account the size of your Hard Disc drive and allows approx 10% of it's fr... Read More »

What does virtual memory too low mean?

It means your virtual memory is low. Virtual memory is space on your hard drive that your computer uses to store data like RAM. You can adjust this by going to your system properties (right click o... Read More »

My computer says its low on virtual memory. What does this mean?

Having all these things on your computer, does not affect your memory in any way, unless you are running all these processes at the same time. However, if you are running low on hard drive space th... Read More »

My comp[uter keeps telling me that "virtual memory is too low, what does this mean?

Hi,Right click on My-Computer on Desktop. Then choose "Properties"-->then "Advanced"-->Then under Performance box "Settings" --> then again Advanced then click on "Change". In this window, choose t... Read More »